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Bombay & The Beats: Bridging Bombay and San Francisco through their 20th century poets for Literary Hub

Arrested Audience: Why I Can’t Stop Staring at Bhupen Khakhar’s Man With a Bouquet of Plastic Flowers for the Museum of Art & Photography, Bangalore

Conqueror in White for The Caravan

Foreword to The Light of the Sabbath: Poems by Kavita Ezekiel Mendonca

The Cockroach and I, published by Penguin Random House
[Financial Times/The Bodley Head Essay Prize 2020 runner up]

The Intimate Relationship Between the Private and the Public in Tamil Sangam Poetry, ALMA Magazine

Reading Bombay Through Arun Kolatkar’s Kala Ghoda Poems, The Bombay Review


Rolling Stone India:

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