writing portfolio


  1. Aainanagar: Two Ghazals
  2. Outlook Weekend: Prabhadevi before dawn & Thatha Teaches Me Tamil
  3. Vayavya: Sunita Aunty
  4. Kitaab: Findings at Khwaja Khizr’s Tomb
  5. Writing For Peace, DoveTales: after the riots
  6. Rigorous Magazine: after the riots, Goddess’s Ghazal & Chai and Politics
  7. The Bombay Review: Chennai in Frames & Sestina
  8. Madras Courier: off balance
  9. Indolent Books, What Rough Beast covid19 edition: These Days
  10. The Bombay Review: Article 370 Has Been Abrogated & riyaz
  11. Spark The Magazine: The Crow Outside the Window Sill
  12. Indian Review: If I Weren’t From Bombay
  13. Print: 30N Journal (2016) Alchemy Literary Journal (2017)
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